Cancer spreads faster than peace
So let there be eternal war
In the name of humanity

Forked tongue prophets spew venom from their lips
Adorning crowns of barbed wire and thorn
Knives make hands as guns make mouths
They soar over like vultures awaiting death
Light is fading fast
On Humanity
Feasting upon ourselves
Our insanity
Yearning for luxury
When in reality it means nothing
Must have company
We are the parasite
We so fear to see
That is why there will forever be an eternal war
War x2
An Eternal War

Spilling blood for gods and profit
Cracking bones ring as war songs
Broken bones lay upon the altar
Justice served in life as in death

The sun melts into darkness
As screams now become silence
Crosses lay broken in a nation of rats
The gift of lifelessness now blankets the earth
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Broken Bones Upon The Altar Lyrics

Left To The Wolves – Broken Bones Upon The Altar Lyrics