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Degrade Lyrics

Left Behind – Degrade Lyrics

I hope you're disgusted with how vain you've become, never a second chance, only one

You wish you fuckin knew what was right in front of you
You wish you fuckin knew what was right in front of you
All you've got is your friends turning their backs on you
You're stuck in this world, filled with black sheep (filled with black sheep)

Yeah, all you ever had was your wasted truth
You'll be swallowed whole by your wasted youth
Yeah, you always said it, but you never meant it
I'd break and burn my bones to never hear your voice again

I'm losing sleep, I'm losing my mind

This'll be the thought in the back of your head, the only thing you can't kill
Always lying never trying, an empty ambition you can't fill

You left your friends like strays, for a new disease
Crosssing the line, so many times it's turned gray
I'm sure you've got another lie you'll try to feed

Destiny long for me, and fate calm me, from this misery
All I see is sinistry, begging for a guilty plea, no guarantees
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