I was really curious about your long-time closed heart
And what place caused your heart to be moved
Before I knew you, I didn't like you
Because you, who couldn't let go of your phone, looked sad
Where did you give your heart that you've been saving?

* You are waiting all day, you say you're okay and you secretly cry
The person who made you like this, I hate that person
Find someone better, someone who won't leave you alone
It's alright even if that person is not me

If it hurts that much, there's no way that's love
If he likes you and cares for you, he wouldn't make you cry
You're too good for him so don't settle for him

* Repeat

You probably won't listen to me
And I can't get angry at you but
Because I like you

Loving someone doesn't have to be that hard
Just like how I can't help my feelings for you, you're probably like that too
But just think for once that I'm always here for you
Come back to the you who never cried – I will be waiting, please
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Because I Like You Lyrics

Lee Suk Hoon – Because I Like You Lyrics

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