Neom eojil ttae mada deo keuge useumyeo ileona
Neom eojideon geuttaeboda nopi cuz my name is "Hi"!
Eumagi issneun gose naega isseo. Music is my life
Nan gipeun eodum sogedo balgge bichna I'm a STAR!

Keulleobeseo, geolieseo, hedeuponsogeseo
Nae mogsoriga deullineun I sungankkaji
Eolmana manheun nunmulgwa ddam heullyeossneunji
Gieoghae ij-ji moshae
And now it's time to shine!

Turn it up! soneul wilo, raise em Hi!
Du nuneul gamgo eum-aggwa hanaga doen
Ja, I sungane say my name.
Turn it up! bollyum-eul wilo, raise it HI!
Naega neukkyeojimyeon say my name.


When I fall, I laugh louder, wake up
When I fall, I'm higher cuz my name is HI
I'm in a place where there's music, Music is my life
Though I'm in a deep darkness, I shine I'm a STAR!

On clubs, in a distance and even on phone
Up to this moment when they hear my voice
A lot of tears and sweat flows
Remember that, you can't forget that

Turn it up raise your hands, raise 'em HI!
Close your eyes and let music and you be one.
Right, at this moment say my name. HI
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Turn It Up Lyrics

Lee Hi – Turn It Up Lyrics