So the story goes
Her folks where nearly down and out
Farming the dry county
In the middle of that drought
And with a baby coming
And a fever on the brain
Out of desperation
The did call that baby Rain

Soon as Rain was born
It seems their luck just turned around
The heavens opened up
And cats and dogs came pourin' down
By the time I her
It was taken as a fact
She had the kind of magic
The rest of us lacked

My soul is dry as cotton
And my soul's dry as a bone
It's been a month of Sundays
Now this burnin' sun has shone
I wait all day for...
At night pray for...

She had the kind of beauty
Unlike anyone I'd known
She had the kind of look
That could get love out of a stone
But it was soon apparent
That the love was all in vain
And that a man should never
Ever fall in love with Rain

These days I cast my eyes
Across the fields I've plowed
To the far horizon where I
Hope to find a cloud
I keep my two ears listening
For a whisper in the wind
And dream about the gentle touch
Of Rain' upon my skin

Repeat chorus
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Rain Lyrics

Lee Greenwood – Rain Lyrics

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