I know we've had our share of hard times.
It's been hard sometimes to find the good.
Everybody wonders how we made it.
Lord we made it the best way that we could.

('Cause) when you're love you can move mountains.
When you're in love you can get water from a stone.
You can see a rainbow shine when it's dry as a bone.
When you're love, when you're in love.

There were times we almost gave up.
We both held each other and we cried.
That made us hold on even tighter Lord.
'Cause through it all we both realized

(That) (Repeat Chorus)

We've both seen some family circles broken.
It's a shame when it turns out that way.
But I recall when all the vows were spoken.
You put a ring on my finger and
That's were it's gonna stay.

(Repeat Chorus Twice)
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When You're In Love Lyrics

Lee Green – When You're In Love Lyrics

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