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Motor City Boy Lyrics

Lee Aaron – Motor City Boy Lyrics

Talk ("radio"):
... 83 degrees in downtown
Detroit an' freeway construction has I-94 backed up
From Woodward all the
Way up to Evergreen. Also north-bound Southfield is slow
Approaching 96, but
Telegraph is moving well so if you're headed north it's a
Good alternate.
That's it for the Motown traffic watch - have a great

He's... Very cool, he's kinda rough
An' he's lookin'
Sweet, when he's talkin' tough
A prince in leather, got an attitude
Don't like him much, Mamma says he's rude
I don't care, 'cause I'm young an'
I'm free
The only thing I know is that he's good... To me

Calls me angel, he can drive me mad
He takes away my blues...
When I'm feelin' sad
He' got his Motown, and of that he's proud
When it
Comes to rock 'n' roll, (he likes it loud)
Never tell a lie, a-never let me
Been around the world, he's the (best I' ever found)...

(Whoa-oh-oh...), Motor City boy
That boy is bad he's my passion
Pain and joy
(Whoa-oh-oh...), Motor City boy
(Wind me up) I'm your
Motor City boy

I like drivin' in the front seat with my baby
(With my baby...)
So fine 'cause he treats me like a lady (like a
Passin' by lover's lane I might say maybe, baby
Oh it's gettin'
Kinda steamy, baby can ya see me
I don' know what I'm feelin' but I'm sure
It feels good... Ta me

Motor City boy, Motor City boy...
He's my
Passion pain an' joy...
(Whoa-oh-oh...), Motor City boy
That boy is
Bad he's my passion pain an' joy
(Whoa-oh-oh...), Motor City boy
(Wind me
Up) I'm your toy
Motor City

(Whoa-oh-oh...), Motor City boy
Boy is so bad, uh he's good, so bad he's good ow
(Whoa-oh-oh...), Motor City
(Wind me up) I'm your toy
Motor City boy
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