Ya man, stay, here with me
Hang your peace, no, destroy the nation you came,
No buster, ignition no, it's just not a king for pleasure no,
That's no life, you can't stand,
That is not why you are going your way,
Please say the name for me,
I'm fully sunshine man...

I'm just the rainbow man, getting ready for sunshine, ah ah...

Ya man, please don't come, to me to this place,
And take it all away, from the fuzz, came to the building, stop
And falling down and again and again, stop, close, take,
Don't you keep when you can't stay awake, oh jeez
There's no life, it's your mental decision for your sunshine man...


Dap dap diri durup,
Diri durup,

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Lali Sunshine (The Rainbow Man) Lyrics

LeBronch – Lali Sunshine (The Rainbow Man) Lyrics