You said that you will love me forever
But I knew you're wrong when you began
Your words were makin my heart shiver
Couldn't stand the pain of now and then
I fell down from a cloud in heaven
Cause our love was off with no return
We were listening to our favorite ballad
When our memories turned into grey
The day you went away
I let the rain fall down on my head
I walk in the silence just to understand
Sweet heart, wont you sigh
Sweet eyes, wont you cry
And all deep rivers were running dry
And all the stars in heaven stopped to shine
And all our memories were played delayed
With all those reasons that I tried to make you stay
But it shouldn't make me angry
And I shouldn't go insane
Cause the gambit of forgiveness
Is a better game to play
As to cry for vengeance for the day
You went away
The day you went away
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The Day You Went Away Lyrics

Lea Finn – The Day You Went Away Lyrics