The picks are grown makes this place much colder
It give us shivers the way they shed snow
Trying to forget, but we can't much longer
The sight of anger breaks small ginger hopes

Old sones permit your scars to scare me senseless
Makes my spine increase with sudden panic
These problems started in your adolescence
The size of your rage drowns my urge for loving

Take a step back, take one step back
Take a step back and shave that pride off!
Take a second, open your mind
Take a step back, and stop this madness

Animal hair is burned beneath young noses
It gives me nausea the way the roots grow slowly
I always touch it, but it's making me meaner
The smell of it weakens my un-holy

You say you taste the frozen sorrow
Well, we can feel your lack of information
I see the hunger, hate and love
It might not do us any good
It cannot do us any good

Small minds who feed suck three children to dirt
It gives us shivers the way shed blood
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Shave The Pride Lyrics

Le Butcherettes – Shave The Pride Lyrics