You know, sometimes people make mistakes
But it only means to stand up and learn from them.
And sometimes, it's best to listen to what
The closest people around have to say.
I know some can relate to this, so just hear me out.
Ldy lickem

Chorus 2x
Words are running through my head,
It was wrong of what I did.
Seems like the biggest mistake I've done yet,
It was hard to confess, still hard to get it through.
Something I honestly regret.

I know it's a mistake
But you gotta give me chances
To learn as I build, to fight as it comes
To stand as I fall, I'm really giving it my all
But knowing I hurted you, just breaks that wall
You being happy, was important to me
You made an impact on my life
I thought thangs were alright
But I guess alcohol leads to another
And now I'm stuck with the outcome it came to be
You gotta understand it's just as hard for me
You don't know how disappointed I am
In myself, in what I did to cause this downfall
It broke me down to my knees, feels like I gotta crawl
I'm lost in confusion, pain and angry of what to do
I need you, to help me fight this through
It doesn't matter what, as long as it's with you.


Second chances, don't always come easy
But I wanna be able to try, inorder for you to see
That I can prove it all, that what I did, wasn't like me.
Atleast give me time to explain, please.
I know using that, was not an excuse
To do what I did but people make mistakes,
I'm only human, life lesson awaits
But what I did, makes it so hard to take
You don't know how much it's killing me inside
How sorry and guilty I feel, to ever lie
I didn't wanna hold back, I wanna share everything
But sometimes the truth just isn't good enough,
So I take the faults, now I must learn
From what I was taught, but I can't do this alone
I just can't do this alone.


There's so much that I, wanna let loose
But when it gets down, my words are tied into knots
To explain who I am, instead of who I'm not
Sometimes it's just, hard for me to vent
But when I do, whatever I say, I meant!
And you know it wasn't like me to do what I did
I know you're disappointed and it'll take time for that to heal
You don't have to trust me, I'd like to earn that back
As long as that takes, I'll prove until it's a fact
I feel like, I lost something that coulda been good
Cuhs you were so different, you actually understood
And I know, a " sorry " is just another word
But I'd like to fix this, to become what it was
You know how I feel, you know how much it hurts me
And I know it hurt you, but accidents are a possible
So just give me time, to prove to you the real me.
My mind is setting straight, you're all that's missing,
It's running through my mind, it's got me stressing...
It just keeps coming to my head,
I know it's wrong of what I did.

I'm sorry, and I apologize.
I know it was wrong, of what I did.
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Wrong Of What I Did Lyrics

Ldy Lickem – Wrong Of What I Did Lyrics

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