This isin't how it's supposed to be
Razorblades that make wrists bleed
Eyeliner and cigarettes
Lipstick the color of death
Don't say a word
Sit dark and cry
It's alright
Just hold your breath
Hope thirteen's not forever
For this baby girl
Yeah cause' nothing will change this
Nothing can save her from the end
But you still have to believe in
Something to save yourself

don't try hard to find her
She's already gone tonight
So cry hard, life's too hard
To let it pass (x2)

she's already gone

eyes for lines on the door
Keep talking to me, screaming
I feel knives stabbing the inside
I can't breathe anymore
Just one more cross to bare
But I can't breathe anymore

nothing will change this
Nothing will save her from the end
But you've gotta believe
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Nothing Will Change Lyrics

Laymen Terms – Nothing Will Change Lyrics