Well here's now some world news I'm gonna tell you
I still hide it deep inside, but I no longer can
Fuck blessed for all what you once said, I can't even argue
What is it now, what will you do? You'll cheat yourself!
But maybe I'm a fool, for I believed in true love
Now all you brought to life is dying by your hell

Won't waste another day
I'm here to run away - ahead

Won't feel you, just see you, I'm only after
I don't mind to, but miss you, I'm only after
I denied you, it relieves you, that I'm only after
Still love you, it won't help you I'm still only after you

One day we'll come to terms that reason wasn't bad
For it made us great and tall but never feel aware
But peace of mind will never come, so dark but far true
As long as we deny we need a heart instead (as well)

Don't waste another day
I'm here to run away - ahead
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Only After Lyrics

LAW – Only After Lyrics