Girls, his name is Tiny Tim
And if go out with him
You will soon discover

Tiny Tim is a lover
From his heart
And he'll always try
To do his part

Tiny Tim is a lover
(He's a real gone lover)
Tiny Tim is a lover
(He's a real gone lover)
You will be surprised
That a man his size
Sure knows how to hypnotize


You know Jim Dandy
Tried to be good
But he never did
The best he could

Tiny Tim would
Put him in his place
Because he's small in size
And fits anyplace


I know Stagger Lee
Has upset this town
Til along came a cat
Named Charlie Brown

But now, Tony Tim
He's on the scene
And all the girls
Can't help but scream


I said hypnotize (hypnotize)
Oh, hypnotize (hypnotize)
Hey, hypnotize (hypnotize)
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Tiny Tim Lyrics

Lavern Baker – Tiny Tim Lyrics