Standin' on a bus, We're packed shoulder to shoulder
There were strangers in my face, I could feel it gettin' colder
Bus doors open, Nobody get out
Look here a little old woman is gettin' on, I start to shout
I said get up, stand up, off of your feet
Make space for the lady, Somebody give a seat
She's just standin' there achin', her whole body's shakin'
She stops and falls over, this time she aint't fakin'
But won't nobody move, don't hear a word I say
So I take a deep breath, it's time I get my way
Say please, don't make me say it twice
Let's all get some manners here, let's try to be nice
Be nice, be nice
'Cause I'm a good-ass motherliker

Get home to my bitch, she be waitin' all alone
I put water in her bowl and I give her a bone
Neighbours come callin', holdin' out a cup
So I get out the sugar and I fill it right up
Be nice, be nice
'Cause I'm a good-ass motherliker
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The Polite Rap Lyrics

Laurie Hugh – The Polite Rap Lyrics