Once upon a time there was a dragon (a dragon)
He lived by himself in a cave called
The Dragon Zone
He liked to dance 'tim he made his tail shake
And breathe fire just to bake a cake
But he wished that he didn't have to do it all alone
He would show everybody how he moved his old dragon

Well there was one young girl named Calico
She brought all her friends to
The Dragon Zone
They said, Why mighty dragon, are you all alone?
We could learn to do what the dragons do
Come on let's go!

So he looked at them, and he said
Can you do the ragon?
And they looked right back
We can do the Dragon
Can you do the Dragon?
We can do the Dragon
Well if you want to do the Dragon
1-2-3-4 Ha! Here we go!

I've got a tail that swings
I flap my dragon's wings
I've got spiky and long sharp nails
There's a fire in my mouth
And a big red tongue
So you'd better watch out
'Cause here I come!

Can you do The Dragon...
We've got tails that swing...
That was good! Said the dragon,
Let's do some more

You take one step up and you give 'em a look
You take one step back it's in
The Dragon Book
And then you gump-2-3 and then you bend down on your
And you float away on a Dragon Breeze

Can you do The Dragon...
We take one step up...

We can do The Dragon...
We've got tails...
We take one step up...
We can do The Dragon...

15. Song in my Tummy
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Do The Dragon Lyrics

Laurie Berkner – Do The Dragon Lyrics