When the lights are good and low
I'll show you something
Tell it to me slow, sweet nothing
When you learn to rock and roll
Are you hurting?
Sometimes I feel so old
I'm still learning

Pass the hours with a smile
Did you wait up for me?
I was out there all the while
I was out at sea
Sailed a hundred miles
Are you weary?
Sometimes I feel like a child
Do you hear me?

Say wuuu wuuu wuuu
Wuuu wuuu wuuu

You breathe in all the city
All the lights out
A night out in the country
Rest my feet on the ground
Stars are coming out there
Do you miss me?
But do you think about me only
As an endless sea

Had a dream about the ocean
Tide was rolling in
I lost all of my possessions
So I started to swim
Saw you in the distance,
Am I imagining?
Sometimes I just can't tell
When I'm dreaming

Say wuuu wuuu wuuu
Wuuu wuuu wuuu
Wuuu wuuu wuuu
Wuuu wuuu wuuu
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Endless Sea Lyrics

Lauren Shera – Endless Sea Lyrics

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