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Old Downtown Lyrics

Laura Cantrell – Old Downtown Lyrics

I went for a walk in my old downtown
To the top of the hill and I turned around
Train yard's not what it used to be
The station's still standing by the factories
Wendell's serving up the meat and three
The tower lights read L & C

Stood by the stone for the president
Saw the bullet holes where the armies met
Walked for a while with the suffragettes
You know mama's still growing those roses yet
Heard the echo of Bryan in the old court case
And I thought as I walked about love and hate

Passed a soldier boy with a gun of bronze
Made a film of his life said he had a cause
Didn't want to kill, didn't want to die
Felt the lightening flash took it as a sign
That God is love and Jesus saves
And our soldier does participate

Alvin came to New York with his fortune made
And he walked for a mile in the ticker tape
The mayor smiled while Alvin prayed
"Sir, I'd like to ride that subway train"
Shimmers on film like a summer day
Silver black and white, watch it fade away

I left this place at a tender age
In the family book you know I turned the page
Never could describe all the energy
Wakes me up at night with the memory
Mama don't you call me I'm good as gone
You know your daughter loves you but she heard this song

Church bells ringing in the old downtowns
Ancient sadness tumbles down
The heavy veil of tragedy
Makes it hard to breathe, hard to see
You can trace these scars along the ground
When you're out for a walk in your old downtown

I went for a walk in my old downtown

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