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Memory Lyrics

Laura Burhenn – Memory Lyrics

You creep up to me
A long forgotten dream, and I
I explore your existence in my

We are all that is around us,
All I've ever seen,
And if you were ever really here, you must be somewhere inside me!

Search myself for a still-frame of your smile.
And although I can't touch it, I know
You were here for a while.
You are here for a while.

The very thought
Of you is haunting.
The memory of your kiss.
The way it can taste like leaves falling in the autumn to a symphony of
Fireflies and crickets.
When the sun hangs on the horizon,
Resting in the tops of the golden trees,
I will wait for you to slip into the night,
When the boughs break.

And I can't bear the weight of you in my dreams.
A being complete, with no means to be.
And with every sigh of laughter, I smell you on my breath.
The feel of your movements,
In every step.
In every step.

Mem'ry is the only afterlife, I'm certain.
And I am a living legacy,
'Cause you are nestled in my brain, next to the circuits that move
My hands, and my mouth, my legs.

And when I touch myself, I'm sure that you are touching me,
'Cause in my mind, you are still moving...
And in me, you breathe. (aaahhh-aaahhh)
In me, you breathe. (aaahhh-aaahhh aaahhh-aaahhh aaahhh-aaahhh
Aaahhh-aaahhh ahhh-ahhh ahhh-ahhh ahhh-ahhh)
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