Three decades and two fistfuls of broken glass
Shattered dreams and discontentment
I blamed it all on everyone except myself,
Except myself, the only one and I read too far into the words between the lines
If I could give up just one thing, it'd be to never care
Watch the storm and rain pass by
And if moving forward must be done with a little sense of fear
I won't question or ask why, question or ask why
There's no use
No need to
Give in to my worst foe, the one real enemy
It's a trait that does more harm than good
Take these dreams and twist them into lies
Turn them into something I despise
This is the ending to this strife
Another chapter, still survived
Leave me with this token bitterness, a silent cry
Move on forward to the next degree of shallow emptiness
Deleted scenes from the negative side of my life
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I'm Not Your Buddy, Guy Lyrics

Laughing In The Face Of – I'm Not Your Buddy, Guy Lyrics

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