When I saw you
Through my wide angle lens
You saw a busy man
Laughin' with your friends
They were focused
On slippin' away
I tried to talk to you
But I didn't know what to say

On the street
I seen you lookin' at me
I get the picture, boy
That you like what you see
Well, you looked so cute
I couldn't resist
Before I knew it
I was blowin' you a kiss

*I get excitied
When you come into view
Gotta get to know you
And it can't be too soon

**If I could get to you
I'd make your dreams come true
I'd make you feel it, too
If I could only get to you

In my darkened room
I still see the flash
There's a freeze-frame of your face
But it's fading much too fast
In my dark room
I just dream of that day
I'll be holding you and kissing you
And loving my life away

(* Repeat)
(** Repeat)

If I could, if I could
If I could, if I could get to you

(* Repeat)
(** Repeat and fade with ad lib)
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If I Could Get To You Lyrics

La Toya Jackson – If I Could Get To You Lyrics