As I sit and turn this page of a text that sits in front of me,
I can finally see your thoughts clear as day.
Maybe this was meant to be, but too much thought breeds insanity,
Someday we'll look back knowingly

Another rainy night with my own reflection
Staring back at me in this empty intersection
I'm a Polaroid photograph that's fading
Another lost soul washed away down these lonely streets

So we took the 1AM, back together from downtown.
You put your head upon my arm, neither of us would make a sound
Our looks hooked each other deeper.
I'll never run and I'll never wrong her,
Convictions never ran stronger,
So now it all comes down to you.

And in this lonely city I didn't know I was drowning,
Until the world blurred all around me.
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Another Rainy Night Lyrics

Last Martyrs Of A Lost Cause – Another Rainy Night Lyrics