When I walk around 
I see you on the ground
I just want you to take me back!
I had never thought I needed to pay to be with you
Wherever you will go bring me!

When I climb stairs I feel you in my chest!
You fill my veins, even when I rest!

I'm away
I Need you anyway!
You're a fool
I will get killed by you!

You're not the first, 
you won't be the last!
Every kiss is a step to the past!
Every breath makes me understand
You are my decline!

But I waste my life! 
Going around with me in your pocket
'Cause I'm not dead yet 
I know but I'll let you do it faster!

I don't need a lucky strike! ('cause your addiction)
I'm like the boxers always ready to fight (it's your affliction!)

I'm aware I can't deny I want you (I'm gonna kill you!)
It's me who will save my life!
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Addiction / Affliction Lyrics

Last Heart Attack – Addiction / Affliction Lyrics