Met a girl so lovely, in the month of september
Her eyes where blue, and her smile, it blew my mind
Her hair was brown, like the river Liffey
I loved the way she walked, towards me everytime

Solo, two last lines of intro

We went out for a walk, amongst the leaves all falling
I asked her to dance, in the rain of yellow and red
I never cared for them feelings growing
I never knew, I could loose her anytime

But all the love you have given me
Is the best I'll ever find
You'll never know how much you've given me
But you turned your head around,
And walked out of my life

Solo same as intro

In the darkness of fall, in the month of october
The wind blew cold, like music through the fields
I'll never know, how the hell it happened
How you slipt away, remains a mystery to me

But all the love...


In the raging snow, in the month of december
The sand on the shore, is freezing in the wind
I wish you where here, to take part in my sorrow
I wish you where here, to tell me what to do

Chorus: But all the love...

Outro same as intro
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All The Love Lyrics

Lassie N The Lads – All The Love Lyrics

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