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Mister Livingston Lyrics

Larry Verne – Mister Livingston Lyrics

(Through the steaming jungle
Searching night and day
A man named Stanley wandered on
But never lost his way
And this we heard him say)

Hey, Mister Livingston
Hey, Mister Livingston

Hey buddy, come on over here and give me a hand (monkey sounds)
Huh, you got a hairy little hand, don't ya (monkey sounds)
Hey buddy, you seen a little white-haired old man around here?
Name's Livingston (monkey sounds)
Well, what's so durn funny? (monkey sounds)
Yeah? (monkey sounds)
Hooo, c'mon, turn your head a little bit
I think you got a hold of a bad banana

(Safari Ho)

Look at all them weird lookin' flowers out there
Hey Charlie! Stay away from that man-eatin' plant
(Shooop, screams, chewing sounds)
Hmm. Up and swallered him whole
Hooo. I bet that chafes
Hey Charlie! Throw me out the canteen, will ya
Yeah, and the map too
Thank ya

(Onward through the jungle
Marched this man named Stan
Wracked with fever, wracked with pain
He traveled, gun in hand
He had to find his man)

Hey, Mister Livingston

Well, what do I do now
Ahh, here it is - page 23 of the Jungle Guide
Ahh-ooo-ahh (Tarzan yell)
Hey, that brung 'em all out
Hey there! You with the bone in your nose
Come over here a minute
You seen a little white-haired old ma...
Hey, Mister Livingston, I do presume
C'mon buddy, I goin' to take you back to merry old England
What do ya mean, you don't want to go back?
Hey, are them fellas over there really cannibals?
Oh yeah?
Sorry, I can't stay for dinner
Would you be so kind as to show me the way back
Now this path, right over here, huh?
This un?
Little to the right...
Right here...
Ah, thank ya
Very nice old boy...

(Shoop, shoop) Kinda hard to walk in this stuff...
(Shoop) I'm gettin' deeper and deeper...
(Shoop) There's old laughin' boy again...

Hey Mister Li... (gurgles)
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