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La Flare Freestyle Lyrics

Larry League – La Flare Freestyle Lyrics

[Prod. SenseiATL]

[Verse 1: SenseiATL]
I'm not Big Boi but I'm counting big bucks
Silkk the Shocker with the chopper, got no limits giving no fucks
I'm posted in the mud, drop some mud up in my cup
Got bills like Bill Gates watch me fuck my money up
She blow me like Napoleon Dynamite
Smoking on this dope 'til I lose my fucking sight
Dirty bitch all on me and she ride me like a bike
If he say he bout that action then I'm yelling sike

[Verse 2: Randy]
Polo shirt match my easter pink
182 round drum, I don't ever blink
Randy Timberlake I'll steal your bitch like N-Sync
Yeah I'm at your throat looking like a soft drink
I need me a billion, lil' bitch these boots is reptilian
I sip on this liquid, it made my vision twisted
Imma burn all these bridges, Imma fuck on y'all bitches
And my yung boi always in the cut like some stitches

[Verse 3: Larry]
Smoking on that pack but your pack ran out
Seen you looking goofy, boy that's why you stand out
Homie scrape the water like some windshield wipers (hurricane wrist)
Dirty baby bottle but it ain't no dirty diaper
I got that good burberry baby oh my god
I be spiking all my punch, he punching clocks
The block is hot he left his ice out just to thaw
That green and yellow Mardi Gras, can't fuck with y'all
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