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Hurtboyz Lyrics

Larry League – Hurtboyz Lyrics

[Verse 1: Larry]
Wrap it up in the cellophane
You won't believe me if I tell you mane
30 deep working night shift
I swear to god I can't go like this
If it rain in this bitch you gon' rust
Brought bucks so it ain't no fuss
With few, my funds, I trust
If you don't wanna see me then keep your eyes shut
I knock you down wearing Gosha, Gosha, Gosha
Gotta ball 'til it's over, over, over

[Verse 2: Randy]
Pull up with a hoe, you think you seen her before
Randy John Cena when I flex on the floor
You can't see me in the cut when I pour up a fo'
Imma fucking stunt like Danny DeVito
She told me buy her dinner I bought her a damn farm
Why you think shit funny, your bitch Angela Barnes
On the scene, headlights that be looking like Christmas
Always make it flip cause Randy a gymnast
And my dogs in the pound just a little too vicious
Y'all say you in L.A. but you be flexing L.A Fitness

[Verse 3: SenseiATL]
Chopper got you posted on the wall like a poster
No Miami Vice but I'm in that testarossa
Sipping Qualitest, what the fuck is a mimosa
Whip looking icey like it came from Nova Scotia
Fuck about a label, I got bands up in my pocket
Stay juiced up I got plugs like a socket
No Johnny but we taking off like rockets
Got this lil' bitch at my spot leaking like a faucet

[Outro: Larry League]
Boy you a stain, you making a mess
Look at my ring, you might say I'm blessed
Boy you a stain, you making a mess
Look at my face, it cash hella checks
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