Standing on the side lines
Watching everybody enjoy the show
The bad attitudes not
Invited so just let the feeling go
I think back to all those good times
Yeah when we were young
So many memories on my mind sometimes I just don't know
What's don't is over
Just take my hand forget your problems
Let me see you... It's coming up close to midnight
The fun was about to end
When everything before seemed alright
Now look at the mess we're in
Maybe I'll find a solution
But the words aren't always clear
Consider it my contribution just happy to have you here
What's done is over just take my hand
Forget your problems
Let me see you dance
Now were older it's easy to understand forget your
Let me see you dance
This is all over well start all over
This ticket to ride is at the end, the end.
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Let Me See You Dance Lyrics

Larger Than Life – Let Me See You Dance Lyrics