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Dancing On The Graves Of My Enemies Lyrics

Lanny Wolfe – Dancing On The Graves Of My Enemies Lyrics

Verse 1
When Israel fled from Egypt's Land
God rescued them with a mighty hand
Cloud that guided by the day
And fire by night showed them the way
When Egypt followed close behind
My God already had a plan in mind
To drown the enemy
And gave the victory

Verse 2
The Israelites were terrified
They were dismayed and so they cried
Lord our God have mercy please
Help us through our troubled sea
When Israel crossed up on dry ground
In the morning time
They saw the enemy drown
They began to dance that sound
He brought us out

Now I'm dancing on the graves of my enemies
Dancing on the trouble that's been troubling me
I did not know what else to do
But Jesus Christ, He brought me through
I've come through the fire
I've come through the flood
It's nothing else but the blood
And if you're wondering what I'm dancing about
Hallelujah! He brought me out

Verse 3
I was oppressed with sin and fear
I had decided that the end was near
There was no one to hear my cry
I was alone and left to die
But Jesus came to myself
He opened the door and then I could tell
The chains fell off my feet
Praise God He set me free


Verse 4
There have been times in darkest night
I couldn't go to the left or right
There was nothing left for me to do
But to cry "HAVE MERCY"!!
And when I doubted that my Lord heard
He answered me with His Holy Word
Lift up your hands and shout
I'm gonna bring you out!!

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