Everything loses it's light
In the rage of time
Blood and steel sign in the sky
Another chapter of life
Pray your god, Iґll pray my mind
Loosing the way of light
And my arms break the gates
For another triumph
Down the legendary skies
I will fight for freedom
The lord of wisdom couldnґt decide of my life
In a kingdom without throne
When the power will be blood
For the glory I must fight
With the Iceland sword

In a secret time... Iceland sword
I will fight the light... For my life
With a secret pray... Iceland sword
Iґll destroy my fate... For my life

Everytime I loose control
I scream against the sky
In the cradle of the war
I awake the seeds of rage
From the red to black of the night
I meet the reality
Of the absurd, of the cry
Of the Iceland shine
Nothing will break my desire
Come with me wherever I find
My lost crown, my forgotten sword
In the air smell of fear
Take the rain, tears from the sky
Meet the fate, burn your soul
Wherever I go, there will be
Another cage, another kingdom in flames
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Iceland Sword Lyrics

Landguard – Iceland Sword Lyrics