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Siccadilly Circus Lyrics

Lancey Foux – Siccadilly Circus Lyrics


Huh ?





I can’t even live my life
I know I’m a sacrifice
I told the devil don’t cry
I’m coming home tonight
Tell her I don’t want her head she lice
The price just went up real high
How can I be scared I’ve died
Look in my mind I’m psyched

Smoke a big pack yeah onion !
What you mean the racks ain’t come in ?
Laugh to bank I’m running!

Lancey come fuck up the function
Im the one disturbing London
Come bring the smoke if you tough then
I want the cream fuck the custard
That ain’t my dawg, he disgusting

I’ll live beyond my decease
If I got broke this week
Ima make something shake like kelis
Black and yellow diamonds and they sting like a bee!

Hit like Mohammed Ali
Walk in the room they can’t breathe

22 girls and I leave
22 racks in my jeans
Hop out the coupe what’s a jeep (okay)
Hopped out the womb didn’t sleep (okay)

Pussy boy bring the beef ima eat
Steak in my teeth
Jay trench on the beat, fuck up the streets

My niggas neat, you niggas neeks
Met her in harrods, left her in the sheets
Niggas won’t catch up to my ting it’s peak !
I’m going beast yeah, adequately (yeah)!

Hit up the PA, you know I ain’t free (yeah)
Call me triple 6, definitely a demon

Calm down til it’s even
You ain’t in my league
You ain’t In my season
My girls walking Victoria’s Secret
My niggas’ll take way your life if they need to

Going too different they’re tryna diminish
I painted the picture, they copied the image
They started the war, now it’s never gon finish
Ima make her a boss, I don’t Gucci her linen
Speak on my name and we shooting and suing

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