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No Intro Lyrics

Lancey Foux – No Intro Lyrics

[Verse 1]
No introduction needed, I'm a genius
You know me, I stay G'd up
'Bout to go bigger than Meech
A-Cold-Wall* cardigan, fleece
I dress like I could have been Jesus
Walk with the thorns on my feet
Money gave me OCD
I stack out the racks, on me
You baby boy's biting, they teethin'
SMA gold, I'ma feed them
Step outta line, I beat them
'Cause you and your daddy not even
Believe me, I was just broke, this that millionaire flow
They wish they were me and I wish that they won't
Do that shit, nigga, stand on your own
I'm on my own, I can't give a nigga bone, yeah
Where your racks like I stole them, bag up the dough, yeah
Demon mode, tryna sell me a soul, yeah
2019, getting rich for the whole year
We eating good, no more rice at home, yeah
I make her soak, yeah, I get her wet-wet
Top, dome, neck-neck, coupe-coupe, 'Vette, bet
Don't know 'bout that shoe spray, I still won't protect it
N.E.R.D, yeah, I roam with a Tech Deck
I love a third eye, I know where you at
Just left Dubai, Rolls-Royce, back at the back
Hop on the flight, flight attendant know who I am
And she not my wife, she wanna smoke, yeah, she wanna pipe
How can she slap?

[Verse 2]
Run up the racks, I ain't going back to the trap
Walk round the stage, immediately go Mike Jack
These terrorist hoes tryna blow me like Iraq
Hopped on Earth, wanna make more niggas wanna watch they back
It is what it is and it was what is was, this is this, this is that
No, I can't go clueless, I'm in south like Ludacris
I sat down with Judas, you think I knew this
Run with a blue ting, causing a nuisance
All that talk, bro, you niggas just useless
I ain't going outside, I ain't going out stupid
African gene, yeah, talk with a toothpick
Skin never going away, can't lose it
Verified in the streets, fuck a blue tick (Shit)
Count up the racks, make sure it's all there
Young black and rich, got the racists scared
When I cry, nigga, got blood for tears
[?] can't even think that I've failed
Food at the table, my niggas, we share
Fuck the charts, I'ma get a hit song this year
Big gelato, I don't drink beer
I don't wanna hit her, [?] in here
I ain't tryna fuck, she tryna force me here
I want the dome, yeah, hands on her horse weave hair
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