There was a little girl
So tiny and petite
All dressed in black and sorrow songs
She lived among the beasts
Crawled and begged to share in their feast
A tiny piece of petal scrap
But nothing was she offered
So she lived on the infrequent kisses of the wind
All dressed up in ropes and tears
They kept her to the ground

Еh lilla flickan min
Kom, stanna inte kvar
Sprid ut klдnningen
Lyft upp цgonen
Titta nu vad fin du дare
Du дare en drottning du
I silke och pergament
Sprid ut vingarna
Solen dig genomfly
Jag skall lyfta dig mot skyn

But that little girl
So tied up in those ropes
She twisted and turned
They'd only burn her thin and delicate skin
The wind would soothe her wounds
And lift her spirit up to the moon
But then one day
Like lightning from the sky
With feathers made of fire
Would land beside her a gentleman offering a kiss
And he would wrap around that girl
Just like a fire
And burn away the ropes

Oh, sky dancer
Come and dance with me
You are a bird of summer winds and lightness
My feathers made with fire
Dance and fly high
So come and share this dance with me in the sky
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Fjäril Lyrics

Lampshade – Fjäril Lyrics