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Adding On Rap Lyrics

Lakim Shabazz – Adding On Rap Lyrics

Peace, my brothers and sisters
How ya been, I kinda missed ya
But now I'm back rockin this club track
Hit your cassettes, I think you better dub this one, black
Cause it's kickin, it's gonna stick in
Your brain, Just goes insane on the mixin
And on the rhyme tip I get mines quick
I don't waste no time, I click
Testin my mic, mic-check
Is it hype yet? It's hype? Aight, bet
Grab a girl and proceed to the floor
This is the perfect night for you to score
Just might be a night for romance
I don't care, all I want you to do is dance
Girls are fiending for loving
Cryin and kissin and huggin
But they don't know nothin
Once the bug's in all of you will start buggin
Ladies listen, I'm not dissin
Don't ( ? ) cause there's too many fish in
The sea for me to do what I wanna do with
And I'm not stupid, so don't play me like cupid
Keep your claps on as I rap on
The title of this song is let's on add

Well, let's start this
I wanna see the crowd get retarted
On the dance scene, know what I mean?
I'm the cream, the cream, the one that rises
And I'm one of the wisest
My fans been waiting so long
For me to come on with a rap to a club song
Well, here it is, just a little taste
So let it pump and ride the bass
Hands start clappin when I'm rappin
Booties are shakin, feet start tappin
The flavor lingers, fingers start snappin
I last long cause I'm strong and I'm black and
Proud, I'ma say it out loud
I'ma sincerely rock this crowd
I got something here you don't ever wanna turn down
So be concerned, clown
Cause if you're not concerned you'll get ( ? ) on
For the simple fact that you slept on
And it's not wise to sleep in this business
Cause you can get dismissed
This is a mixture of club and hip-hop
And I'm on my way like straight to the tip-top
And I don't stop, word is bond
I'm glad to be strong
So let's add on
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