Tell me you are my warden
Tell me I'm yours either
Tell me you'll have the patience
When my sanity disappears
When I'm out of my belief
And I'm floating out of you

Feeling I'm entangled
And the chemicals are over
I can't love you for real
I can't live forever
Will you listen to my moans
Will you still believe when I can't
I can't believe

Tell me you understand me

Will you tell me all your secrets
Even if you know I won't hear
Will you immerse in my dreams
When my demons overpower me
Tell me your love is blind
And maybe I'll be free

Tell me you understand me

And oh, I'm in a treacherous slide away
And yeah, you're a trigger upon my faith

When you're here
And I'm sitting, tied in your room
In your sight
I'm swimming in the glow of the Moon

Tell me you understand
That you will hold my hand
Even if I go mad
That you'll be always here
Tied here with me
Even if I hurt you bad

Tell me you understand me
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Tell Me You Understand Me Lyrics

Lakeside X – Tell Me You Understand Me Lyrics

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