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Letter To My Baby Daddy Lyrics

Lady Taz – Letter To My Baby Daddy Lyrics

How could you do em like that? Yo own flesh and blood?
All these excuses then you say you misunderstood?
You choose to lay there, knowin the possibilities
And when the baby came, you didn't take responsibility
Mama's baby? Papa's baby? Naw nigga, you fucken crazy
Know I ain't that type of girl. I'm too much of a fucken lady.
All this drama from day one, with you and now I'm one of yo baby mamas
All this hoppin around from chick to chick can't wait
Till you meet that bitch karma
Period. Blank. No comma. I'm done with you. No turnin back
An innocent child's fatherless. He shoudn't have to go through that
I took you in, helped you when you was down nigga, remember dat?
Birthdays, no phone calls. What kinda heartless, selfish shit is that?
You had the number, even the address to where he was at
You had the choice to be there, you choose to turn yo back
First it was you didn't want em, then you say I deserve better.
Now you sayin he ain't yours? Man, you switch up like the weather
I did the nine months and some all by myself
But I didn't lay there and create life by myself
I'm damn sure not gonna ask for help (hell no)
Imma leave that one up to you

You know you got three kids but you only claimin two
But I can't make a nigga do somethin he don't wanna do
Be like them needy dependent bitches, always crawlin and beggin you
If I would've seen this in the beginnin,
I would've never even fucked with you
But I can't regret it now, you live and learn, that's what winners do.
What's all the confusion about? You know you didn't' use protection
And when you asked me I told you I wasn't on no contraception
You knew as well as I did that abortion was out the question
Cause if I had the gift to give birth, I wouldn't abort my blessin
You really had me stressin when you wasn't there for em
Since you wouldn't be the man about it I had to be the woman
Reguardless of the obstacles got ready for the son and
Yo fake ass family sayin he don't look nothin like you
But when I ask you, you blame them. When I ask them, they blame you
I can't blame you and you can't blame me cause it takes two.
All I know is I want my son to be nothin like you
Sayin he too light, shit, yo bro and mom is too
Take a damn dna test, that's all you can do
I offered it too, and what you do? You didn't take it
Man with or without yo punk ass, we gonna make it, nigga
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