Sons of abyss! With lust for blood
We have returned from the black fire
Sorrow and disease follow us
Hate brakes out from the destructive abyss

The unrestrained hate brakes to the surface
We light stake from the holy... Holy crucifix

Lord of chaos! By the deformed
Corpses profane horned blessing
We ruin the filthy earth with unrestrained
Destructive desire

Against the light-praising God's lambs
We struggle a bloody triumph
From the abyss we have returned
To start this fucking battle

The Dead's God, in hell rebellious
In chains master of the demons
Be beside us
Give bless to the battle to defile
The name of the virgin whore
And to spread over us
The cunt's fluid of the lesbian fuckin' nuns
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From The Abyss We Are Return Lyrics

Labyrinth Of Abyss – From The Abyss We Are Return Lyrics