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T.O.P. Lyrics

Labrinth – T.O.P. Lyrics

Lay on your right, the other side
Now on your front, we take it to the border
Give you the bass, well I'll be your dj
And I won't stop until I hear you say ta-take it to the
T. O. P (I know we're going to the)
T. O. P
(Ok, Labrinth)

[Verse 1]
Handle it, handle it
Sure that you can handle it
Do you really wanna tell your dj
To go and spin back that shit?
Cause you've had a drink
Trip to the club was innocent
By the end of the night, you're having kids
And don't know who the daddy is
It's the beat, know what I mean?
The kind of shit that will turn ladies into freaks
Now when my feet go rocking away
I know the girls got something to say, like

I feel the love
Baby, I feel the love
Baby, don't try to run
Baby, don't try to run


[Verse 2]
No, don't do drugs
Drugs are bad, but need another hit from the beat
Pull up
And I guess I'm on the floor again
But that don't stop me thinking that I need myself some more
Some more sticky-icky beats
Oh, baby
Now this bitch is looking at me
And this is what she said



[Outro x4]
Starting over again, starting over again
Starting over again, starting over
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