You brought me out to the desert
I wandered the cactus and sand
You carried a bucket of water in Your hand
You knew my intentions were noble
But I have not read the map for a long, long time
You kept up the pace and You waited
For me to take a look behind
Why did I have to get so dry before I said...

Don't keep a safe distance away
I sure don't need personal space when it comes to You
I'm desperately needing a meeting with You

You give me the room to be stupid
You give me the freedom to run
You show me the easy way and watch me pick the hard one
I am tired of the distance between us
Cause I know that it keeps me from intimacy
Its really a matter of physics
The power of the gravity depends on the proximity and so I say...

Don't keep a safe distance from me
I sure don't need room to be free from the love of my life
I'm desperately needing a meeting with you
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Safe Distance Lyrics

King Ross – Safe Distance Lyrics