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Root Of All Evil Lyrics

Kyprios – Root Of All Evil Lyrics

O. K. Man, first you make the music, then you get the money, then you get the power ok...

I made a million and a half off the book, fuck the tax
And your spines green, I'm seein' only green backs
And I mean stacks of cash, no need to relax
Bought my bitch some tits, a couple G for the rack
A G for her lips, a G for her ass
Movin' on up all the way to upper class
Up another man I pass, cash like Tony Soprano
King of New York taking over Chicago
Ain't no Ronald Mcdonald, your dreams I'm livin in em'
Got models with bottles of Dom Perrignon in em'
In a yacht by the dock with a helicopter
You can't refuse and can't get a better offer
I'm the author of the American dream
And yeah my pen's made of green I'm just an arrogant fiend
And when the ink dries my name is capitalized
The capitalist still not happy for shit
"I made a million, I made a million"

Why am I suffering inside?
When everbody loves me I feel everybody's lyin'
Why oh why am I suffering inside?
My mind is on my money but my money's got me cryin'

Mister Lamborghini, Mister thong bikini
Now you see me now you don't call me Don Houdini
Eeny meeny miney moe help me catch a ho
Money makin' dummy breakin' professioinal
I got a bank in the Caymans
Never stay with the laymen
Pay the gods off on Sunday, Amen
There's 80 Hammers mansion
Charlie Manson with the Helter Skelter
I'm playin' Vice City downstairs in my bomb shelter
I never felt a bit of satisfaction
For the automatic, automated cash reaction
Which you get and you got if you're makin' the ends
When you got a lot of bills but ain't got no sense (cents)

Are you a mess?
Well money can buy you respect and success
Are you depressed?
Well money can buy you happiness so invest
It's all about winning, coming up and knocking down
Is your head spinning? Money makes the world go round
And around...

Dollar, Dollar bill ya'll love the sound
Don't eat the rich they're the same as us
I'm not sayin' money's bad it's just dangerous
Like angel dust it's addictive
Know what you want and what the risk is
Why am I suffering inside?
When everybody loves me I feel everybody's lyin'
Why are we so concerned with our money?
If it's the root of evil why are we still planting seeds?
Why are we still planting seeds?
Why are we still planting seeds?
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