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Do It Lyrics

Kyper – Do It Lyrics

Now doit on the dance floor
Doit til your feet get sore
Doit it if you rich or poor
Doit til you can't take no more.
Doit til your body sweats
Doit til your clothes are wet.
Doit no matter how hard it gets
Do it cause you aint done it yet.


Doit it good and doit right
Doit if it takes all night
Doit girl with all your might.
If [something] ... (fight)???
Lets doit til our bodies blend.
Were married so it aint no sin
Doit now and do it then.
When were finished yo we'll doit again.


Doit in your daddys car
No matter where you are
On the bench in the park
In the light or the dark
Ladies doit with your man.
If you don't he'll use his hand
Doit cause you know you can.
You can doit with the whole band.
Doit til you feel the pain
Doit in the sun or rain
Doit girl and show no shame
You can doit on the aeroplane
Doit with your legs up high
Doit or Ill make you cry
Doit with your arms out wide
Doit now don't be shy.

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