If you want to go you better go even if it takes your whole life I don't really care cause I don't wanna stay even if it's rainin I still don't want to stay so if you want to go I would rather go with you instead of layin round here on a Saturday night.
Sooo I don't want to stay even if it takes myyyy whole life cause I don't want to stay even if it's on my rainy day where I go for a little along the park and even now I don't want to forget that moment where I was left down on my knees broken hard for my country I never forgave him but I forgave you when you forgot about my birthday cause I forgot to tell when it was.
And that was because I was being kind of rude but you forgave me to so I had to forgive you cause I couldn't forget that you remind me of my little brother layin against that same wall that you would Stand against to.
But yesterday I saw you Standing beside your sister which reminded me of my little sister and my little brother standing beside each other and talkin about when they where young.
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Stay Lyrics

Kylie T. – Stay Lyrics

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