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Are You Okay? Lyrics

Ky Baldwin – Are You Okay? Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
I've had only thirteen years of life so far,
Not old enough to have a job or drive a car
Don't have a lot of money or fancy things,
But I know the things that mean the most to me
There are times when your friends are mean,
You're walking around but you're feeling unseen
Don't let it worry you or change your ways,
And keep your head up and dance through the day

Are you okay? I need to know
So don't be afraid when I ask you so
You don't have to hide if you're feeling down
Let's talk together and turn it around

[Verse 2:]
I know there are days where it's dark inside,
Where all you want to do is run and hide
Just know that we're here when times are grey,
So don't be afraid to say "I'm not okay"


[Chorus 2:]
Are you okay? You should ask yourself
Don't bottle it and put it on the shelf
Just one conversation could change your life
You can lean on others and make it right

'Cause life can be happy
Just look for the ones that understand
'Cause life can be happy
You can count on your friends cause their friendship, friendship never ends


[Chorus 2]

Life can be happy
Oh life can be happy
(Oh life can be happy)
Oh life can be happy
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