Featuring D2G

[Intro- KwinTell Wright]

Cool as Ferris Bueller! KwinTell Wright... and Nya Free... with D2G... for Chi City

[Verse- KwinTell Wright]
Feeling Ms. Windy, I'm so Chi but up to the Chick I go [Chicago]
Fished in plenty other lakes but Chi ILLernoise hear my flow
Chicken killed Harold, nonsense Daley, you'll holler Rahm man
Steppin' stairway to ghetto heaven, shout out to Common
Used to wake up to my mom's music, Chaka Khan often
Do or die's crucial, conflict's a twista
Da Brats of my city only raise statistics
Guts and goals, being chicken's for the gizzards
Bear the bull of the black hawks who doubted you
March ya white socks, feel fire surrounding you
Hear me on wax, girls jock Kyoo's tip
Boy I'm on point like Sear Tower's tip
Angels of light and darkness dwell this earth
I traveled worldwide but Chi City's my turf
I said angels of light and darkness dwell this earth
But I'm so Chi, milk the cow for what it's worth

[Chorus-KwinTell Wright]

Ballin out Chicago's Bull I Rose (Forever I'mma rep my Chi ILLernoise! ) Power 92 or GCI on the road (Forever I'mma rep my Chi ILLernoise! ) No thug in me, I just bang my city so ya feel it (Forever I'mma rep my Chi ILLernoise! ) It Sears Tower boy, what you talkin bout Willis? (Forever I'mma rep my Chi ILLernoise! )

[Verse-Nya Freeman]
Memories of the Fallen, painted on the wall of my city, from the Ickies to the Rockwell gardens
Projects ballin' but niggas still ballin' and pitching, see 'em tipping, camera poles catch all this
October to August, Riverside Mall with my fitted and my ki-ticks Jordan sixes looking gorgeous
Westside Madison, that be where I'm at again
Where niggas stacking figures, copping shit straight off the manikin
You know that I'm west side, green line, 'L' bound
Got a bunch of family that live off in K and L-town
And I know that south side, used to work at Evergreen
Kick it out in Englewood, then we slide off to the rink
Lived on the Northpole, chilly up on Howard street
Better know somebody in the jungle or it's R.I.P
East side, Shore Drive, State Street, Macy's
That's Windy City, ILLernoise where they raised me

[Chorus 1x]


I'm from the home of the bad boy slap and the birthday line
Six wings with mild sauce make me feel just fine
As I recline in an Oldmobile on the Dan Ryan
At United Center, watchin' Derrick Rose flyin
Any sport you name, my city's been claiming champion
Setting records off of the wall, doing what can't be done
Home of the Don Juan, pimpin' and Cadillacs
Second city had the first ever mayor to be black, it's Chi Town
Haitian-based from Jean Baptiste Du Sable
Homie that's a hard act to follow
Best in the whole wide world is how we're captured
And we is who they're tryna name their summer times after
Capone was Rome here, House was born here, Windy City gave a black president his throne here
Anything less than the best is the waste of us
You don't never a summer time fest to get a taste of us

[Chorus 1x]

[Verse-KwinTell Wright]

So fresh, so fly, peerin' out my eyes, arising skyline of Lake Shore Drive
Fresh as Febreze, creepin' through the scene
Donell Jones knows Chi's where I wanna be
But eventually I'll leave, more I wanna see
Robin Williams know that you can't doubt fire
Remember River Oaks mall, hot pursuit?
We used to game on college campus girls in the Loop
Home of House music, juke and footworking
Chicken's cluck Saturday, Sunday at Churches
John hand cocked a gun, he got time
Juvenile criminals crazed out they minds
Carrying a gun does not mean you're thug
Thuggin' is guarding loyalty and love
Get the party poppin, Ch-Chi city the illest
B. Harris beat, boy I know that you feel this

[Chorus 1x]
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ILLernoise Lyrics

Kwintell Wright & Nya Freeman – ILLernoise Lyrics

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