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Hai Love Lyrics

Kwame – Hai Love Lyrics


What should I do
Should I just write you
Or tell you how I feel
Because my love is for real
What should I do what should I say
Hmm I know a way
When I meet her I'll greet her like this

Verse One: (girl's voice in parenthesis)

Hello (hello) how do you do (well I'm fine)
You busy (no why?) 'cause there's something on my mind
You know that we've been knowing each other for a long time
And I came to the conclusion that I want you to be mine
(Why?) why? (Yes why?) why not
Don't you see that's it quite obvious I care for you a lot
(So do I) so you do
So what's the problem dear (Kwame I don't trust you)


Hai love
Can, can, can I have a word with you
I'd like to tell you, tell you all of the things I'm going through
My nights been so long, so long, as I watch each hour go by
And I'm standing here, hoping and praying that you'll let me be your guy

Verse Two:

(Now out of all of the girls you've had how do I know that I'm not next?)
'Cause all they could do for me, is gimme some quick, well umm (oh)
Just listen ok?
(Ok, ok, ok)
It's not an egotistical thing, I'd give my heart to you
For yours to keep, if you wanted to
'Cause you're the only one, the only one made for me
Love had me so blind I find that I can't see
Pain heartache
I just want to partake in acts of love
(singing) We are breaking away from pain here's joy
Together we're man and woman, not girl and boy
Taste sweet chocolate like an Almond Joy
Play with each other like a brand new toy, yoy, yoy


With this cold hear, you are dearly, yeah ya know?

I wish you were my lover
You act so undercover
I went through trial my whole life long
Be it right or be it wrong (be it wrong)
I only want to make you crazy
Girl don't front don't be so lazy
Just want your mind don't want your money
These two words they may sound funny
But oh ooh oh you're my sweet thang
You're my everythang (2X)


Tic-toc you don't stop
Young ladies, of the '80s (you mean '90s) go crazy
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