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Her Heart Lyrics

Kwacko – Her Heart Lyrics


My favourate place to stay in its your heart,
I wish I can draw the feeling and show you with Art,
In planet earth only God can do us apart,
Infact i say, your heart is my home(x2)

[Verse One:]

Now rise up your flags
In her heart i'll be living for good
I'll carry it like an Egg
Even if im out of the mood
I packed my bags
From now her heart is my hood
I'll try to make or do everything that i Could

Each and every day
We sharing one table
I'll be here everyday
Coz here im comfortable

Will take all arguments away
Put more perfume like a spray
Im dr.k
Please tell me that you may
Keep me in autumn like its may
For sure i will stay


[Verse two:]
Now its my time to tell my girl
How much I love her
I've been out there cheating and stuff
Never be sorry
It happens so fast
And that's how we lost the trust
I was so hush to her
Since I saw another crush
You are the one
Now I wanna tell you that I'm sorry
Babe you're mine
Infect I'm sure I'm yours too
You and I
Great couple thats true
All is well
At last I'm chilling around you

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