Yo anybody kan intenet beef but hav you bitches ever spent a day in da kold
Streets were violence don't cease were kids are dyin to eat were the only
Peace that exist is tha peace on police wen they patrollin da streets there
Is not justice I seen wi my own eyes and bro I dnt need to lie because people
Die please believe
War brings peace peace brings oppurtunity to you and me that is uniquely
Something we kan do freely but if we ask questions about what's to happen to
The next generation people will be facing suicidal situations placed in a
Position to abide the whole nation terrorism is popular these days and
Money chasin is something they do daily easily made a million now I'm
Plannin to make a billion I wana be like william fuccin briliant I'm not
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Beef Lyrics

Kuttz – Beef Lyrics

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