Fashion... word it's, a word called love Called
love called, love yeah, Called
love Called! love I'm!

the s titI've, been humble long enough I've
let you n s****breathe at your projects and run them up Even
let you dream of the action of running up Cheesing
while you talk greezi not, knowing the gun is tough Still
the got me now, I'm overconfident and I pop You...
scream "the glock popped me shot,... me" N
s****walk and play now, grab the rope Tie
it up to a Lucifer my, nuts in them and let them hang Peter
I make them bang origins, on my swang Detroit
you, rocky in his first fight with double lang And
still they hate ice, cream on they face No
meal on they plate whoever, I see ryan, feel they fate Did
I mentioned they hate My? bad I, did Chris
Handsome and y'all you ain't f gay***with the kid So
chill out, of the blue They
turning to hot steppers I
knock them out of them shoes no, doubt Matter
of fact they, be inside your own camp Hoping
you never win like, damn With
devilish grins with, Then... And
... gin f, k**it like, it's better to sin Yeah

right like, the truth is more better in bed I'd
rather get the fety cheese or the cheddar with splits Give
you a heart attack red, fox got the thangs dead locked on you Return
Like... the movies at the red box Think
get your girl I, probably scrape her Penny
and chase her I'm, partially faded So
I'ma tape her N
s****be salty on some hoe s titThinking
that they tough just because they roll thick Deep
with your click tryina run on house kick Y'all
fags mad because my role's thick Count
you out like they never knew you Avoiding
you and, Like... they own girl blew you My
fate is like words to you like N
anuswhat, the f k**dog, Cause
they life is so miserable They
wanna see you miserable Like... Damn
they, try to drown out the river Some...

people kill they brothers I
think they list they minds And
I'm hung up Where
yo mama at n, anus
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Some People Hate Lyrics

Kuniva – Some People Hate Lyrics