Skater boy are you listining?
To this song of praise your girl sings?
Why do you push me to the back of your mind,
Am I not as important as that grind?

Oh but this time I'm not giving you one more chance,
I'm gone for good.
Cause this time I am really fed up,
I'm gone for good!
So don't try to think of that excuse,
Cause I, I, I'm gone for good

You've got your board and your new trunks,
But now I'm gone,
You don't seem to be upset,
That now I'm gone.

[Chorus: X2]
Gone For Good
I'm gone for goooood.
Just do that grind,
Push me outta your mind!

Gone, Gone, gone for good

(gutair solo)
Gone for Good!
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Gone For Good Lyrics

Kukiz I Piersi – Gone For Good Lyrics