She's stepping out with my good friend
I hope he has better luck
Thought there was something... Going on.

Strange how change is seldom realized.
I am Jack's total lack of surprise.

Sat and watched the evening news and listened to
His address.
When telling what he'd do 'bout New Orleans, he swelled his chest

He said, « The damage will subside around a year.
Andy ours truly will be there drinking beer. »

That's when I had a tall swig of bourbon.
And that 'bout did me in and blew it all away.

Did you hear about the tribe who lived?
It's said they sought higher ground.
Gathered up some twigs for houses and then they were northern bound.

When asked how they knew when to disappear,
They said, « We've known to watch the tide for many years. »

And that provoked some thinking
Of a lot of things
Until I went to bed and dreamt it all away.

People, let me tell you 'bout my good friend. I punched him in the gut.
Guess he never knewhow crazy I really was.

Between fighting and taking in the view,
I'm waking up and I'm filling up my shoes.

And that's the news.
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Current Events Lyrics

Krystle Warren – Current Events Lyrics